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I'm a 21-year-old journalism student. I spent last semester living in Florence, Italy. These are my adventures.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I know Sunday evening I said I would post about Orvieto Monday. It is now Tuesday.
I apologize for not finishing the post yet. Just know it's because I've been livin' in up in Florence, about which I'll also catch you up to speed soon.
Until then, here's my photo of the day!

21 Feb. 2012  Pinocchio
For our practicum class, Caitlin, Glenn and I are doing a short documentary on Pinocchio, who was born in Firenze! We spent a couple of hours wandering the city and taking B-roll of various Pinocchios. Tomorrow we're going to talk to Fabrizio about the history of the character, why he's so important to Florentines and how he ended up as a Disney character. I'm really excited. On our Pinocchio hunt, I bought a book for €15. It's the full story of Pinocchio written in both Italian and English. Every left page is written in Italian, and its facing one is in English. It'll be a fun way to try to learn more Italian. 

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