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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Photos of the weekend

19 Feb. 2012  Orvieto
I hadn't even heard of Orvieto until I was searching for a town similar to it on Google. "Town on plateau" gave me Orvieto as a result. I'm so glad I found it. It was incredible. Not only was this town on a giant butte, but there is also a huge system of man-made caves right underneath it. We got to tour Orvieto Underground. I wish I could live in this house.

 18 Feb. 2012  Rocca Maggiore
The kind owner of our bed and breakfast drove us most of the way up the hill to Rocca Maggiore. After our trek the day before, it was much appreciated. We climbed three towers and sat for a while at the top of the third one (pictured) until it was time to walk to the train station. Assisi is incredible. I'm so glad I didn't bypass it.

17 Feb. 2012  Happy
Amy and I hiked three miles up to Eremo delle Carceri. It was long and very uphill, but seeing donkeys along the way cheered us up and rejuvenated us. Apparently we cheered this one up too.

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