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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Beyond Italy

A large part of my internet time lately has been consumed by researching, planning and booking for upcoming trips.
I huge part of studying abroad in Europe is being able to see other parts of the continent. I had a list of places I wanted to see, but I'm narrowing it. I want to spend more time seeing other parts of Italy and really getting to know the country. I feel like that's better than spending three days in a new culture and country every weekend. Besides, I'm certain this is not the last time I'll be in Europe. I'm determined to come back.
This weekend is my first trip out of Italy! I'm going to Interlaken, Switzerland.
After a lot of distress,  yesterday I placed the final puzzle piece for my trip. I booked my time slot to do this:

Yeah, I'm canyon jumping on Saturday. Excited doesn't begin to cover my emotions right now.
I've probably spent a total of two hours watching these videos on YouTube in the last couple of weeks.
My parents told me I should have informed them of this adventure after I actually flung myself off a high ledge. Oh well. I'll be safe mumsie and dad. Don't worry.

Lauren, Jess, Erika and I leave with Bus2Alps in two hours!

I've also started booking my spring break trip — Athens and Santorini! I think once we finish booking,  the travel and lodging for nine days will be under $500, which isn't too bad at all. I just hope it's warm by then.
Right now, it's freezing. And I'm heading eight hours north for the weekend to hurl myself off a canyon. Good plan. My suitcase is full of every warm thing I brought here... and some ugly boots I bought for €9 this afternoon. I really don't want to be worried about going back to the hostel because my feet are numb.
We're also packing a lot of food. It's incredibly expensive in Switzerland, so we're bringing a couple of loaves of bread and two jars of Nutella. I have some apples and crackers too. Hopefully I'll only end up buying dinner there once. The jump already cost enough. It was $141 on top of Bus2Alp's $199 price for the travel and lodging.
As excited and thrilled as I am for the canyon jump, I'm also terrified. Just watching the videos gets my palms sweating and my heart racing. I told Lauren and Erika they'll probably have to push me off, but I will do it.
If I can jump off that platform, I can do anything. So life, hit me with your best shot.

Until Monday, arrivederci.
Ho bisogno fare una valigia!
(I need to pack my suitcase!)

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