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Monday, February 27, 2012

Diversity Diary #4

Although "PDA," or public displays of affection, are not uncommon in the states, I am always taken aback by seeing the same here. In the US, it feels like a high school trend to me. Couples seem more aware that they will be judged for excessive PDA. It's just a given.
But what I've seen at home is mild compared to how open the PDA is here.
Maybe it's the areas I've visited or maybe seeing it just feels wrong and more vulgar in a historical setting.
From teenagers practically consummating their relationship in a fortress in Orvieto to a couple seemingly trying to trade tongues in a piazza in Siena, I've seen more than I ever wanted.
I've seen infinitely more public lovers quarrels here than I have in the states.
Someone said they think people are just more passionate here. I disagree. I think Americans can be just as passionate; we're just not as comfortable displaying it for all to see.
I shouldn't say it's wrong; that's exactly the opposite of what a diversity diary is trying to achieve. But it's certainly different.

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