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Thursday, February 23, 2012

A couple of quick things

First, go check out Kent State's website! A feature about my blog and the 30 Years Later project has been the leading story for a couple of days now.
If it's not the first story by the time you read it, you may have to scroll over a couple of stories. Or here's the link. I'm pretty excited about it, as is my mom.
Thank you to my best friend Ryan Collins for writing it, and congratulations for your news slider debut.

Remember to follow my blog by email! Just put your address in the box to the right. It will automatically update you when I post a new entry. That way you won't have to check every day to make sure I've finally updated about Orvieto, which I have below.

Finally, let me shamelessly rub this in your face:

I'm going to go outside now. Have a wonderful day!

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