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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Photos of the Day

I'll get around to real blog posts eventually this week. Unfortunately blogging isn't that high on my spring break priority list. It falls below writing postcards, sleeping, reading, eating, getting sunburnt, making friends and pretty much everything else. I'm not ashamed.
Although I do have posts in my drafts, I can make no promises as to when you will see them. Until then, here's a taste of my holiday thus far:

20 March 2012  Kamari
We were looking for the red and black sand beach, but didn't end up getting there. A not-so-friendly Greek ushered us off the bus at Kamari. We didn't fight it thought because the sea was in sight. We found a black sand beach and the clearest water ever. Although we're all terribly sunburnt, I couldn't be happier.

19 March 2012  Temple of Olympian Zeus
Amy, Bethany and I stored our luggage in the hostel's basement and set out for Zeus' temple — one place we didn't get to see during free Sunday. It was only a euro, so we couldn't really complain. It was a good last hurrah in Athens before catching our flight to Santorini!

18 March 2012  Temple of Hephaestus
We spent Sunday with a couple of new friends we had met the day before. We took advantage of Sunday as a free day for all archaeological sites.

17 March 2012  The Acropolis
We took a tour through Athens to introduce us to the city and its famous archaeological sites. Some of the best five hours and €6 ever spent.

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