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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Sunday I woke up around 11 a.m. After a couple hours of relaxing, Caitlin and I headed out to meet Yelena and Michelle to go to a Florence soccer game. We met at the school and went around the corner to buy appropriate clothing for the sporting event. We certainly couldn't go without first adorning ourselves with purple! We all bought fake team jerseys for €23 each since the authentic ones were more than three times that much.
After quite a walk and a few guess-turns, we made it to the stadium. We were about two blocks away when we decided to duck into a small sandwich shop.
I had a pretty good veggie wrap and some sort of Italian tater tot equivalent, except cold.
After I ate all but my refrigerator tots, we gathered our things and walked the final two blocks to the stadium. We rounded the corner to find a line — or rather a crowd about 7-8 people wide and a city block long. The ticket line. Of course. Yelena and Caitlin bought their tickets ahead of time. When I asked the FlorenceForFun representative if I could buy tickets at the door, he said it wasn't a problem. You just buy it there and go inside the stadium. He failed to mention that this would be preceded by a 45 minute wait.
Caitlin and Yelena went inside, and Michelle and I eventually followed half an hour into the game.
I'm not much of a sports person. I enjoy my annual Whitecaps game and Muskegon Fury game, and I love to play tennis, but that's about it.
I got way more into the game than I expected, yelling, groaning, sighing and inhaling sharply all on cue and with the crowd. I'll probably even go to another game at some point.
I know none of the technical terms and can't explain anything that actually happened other than Florence won 2-0!
So I will leave you with these photos (from my point-and-shoot) instead:

Michelle, Caitlin, Yelena and me

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