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Saturday, March 10, 2012

(most of) My Week in Photos

10 March 2012  San Gimignano
I wanted desperately to visit San Gimignano this weekend. I was close to venturing there on my own, but Yelena and Erika's other trip didn't work out, so they joined me for the day to visit the "medivil Manhattan." Other than some rather strong winds, the weather was perfect. 

9 March 2012  Arno
I stupidly left my memory card in my computer Friday, so I didn't get to take a picture until the evening. As the sun set, I bundled up for the wind we've been experiencing and headed to Ponte Santa Trinita.

8 March 2012  Santa Croce
I joined Jess and her parents for a tour of Santa Croce. It was far more elaborate and extensive than I thought. It's nice getting to know my neighbor.

7 March 2012  full moon
With European Issues cancelled, I had enough time to go see the sunset. Amy and I sat on the Arno and talked about everything from books to religion. We left when the moon replaced the sun.

6 March 2012  Opera
Tuesday night we went to see La Bohème at St. Mark's English Church. I've only been to one maybe two other operas in my life. I'm no expert. I was afraid I'd be lost the entire time. Thankfully, in between every act, a man came out to explain what would happen next. It was a really cool way to see an opera. I might even pay to do it again depending on what comes next.
Also, La Bohème is the opera on which the movie Rent was based. I want to watch it within the next week or so to see the comparisons. As soon as Mimi entered and asked Rodolfo to light her candle, I knew something was familiar..

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