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Friday, December 9, 2011

One month!

Or I guess now that it's past midnight, less than that!
I have nothing left to give to this semester. I'm out. I'm already on that plane.
Fortunately, I'm completely done with one class. I have a couple assignments to turn in tomorrow to wrap up two more classes. Then just two final exams Tuesday.
The only one I'm really worried about is Italian. I hope I can retain what I learned this semester. Although most of the people I'm going with are taking Elementary 1 this semester too. So I'm sure if we work together we can form coherent sentences.

In other news, it's snowing. Cars are white. A couple of months ago I was really excited that Italy meant essentially skipping winter. Now I'm hesitant. I'm glad I won't be walking — or wading, rather — to class through snow up to my knees, but I still love winter. I hope I get to experience at least some decent snow before I leave.
I'll keep my fingers crossed for a snowy break. West Michigan, don't fail me now.

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