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Sunday, December 11, 2011

'Go Go Gadget'

I'll be the first to admit I have a spending problem. I became a self-proclaimed shopping addict last summer. It's not something that makes me proud. It's just a simple fact — and a habit I need to kick, especially  when buying things means not being able to see various destinations in Europe. But I digress.
I've been slowly collecting technology to take overseas.
Ask any of my friends... I can legitimize any purchase with some sort of excuse. Although they'll call Italy an excuse to buy some of these things, I know most of them I would have purchased at some point anyway.
  • I was going to borrow a Kindle from Hannah, but ended up getting myself one instead. (courtesy of my mother as an early Christmas gift. Thanks, mom). Considering I've read two books in the past month (more than I have in two years) on top of my schedule, I'm sure it will get used plenty next semester.
  • My parents bought me really nice stereo headphones for Christmas last year, but they vanished in my move back to Michigan last May. I bought myself some new headphones last week.
  • Last month my harddrive died, and I had to buy a new one. My laptop has also been warning me to "service battery soon" for a couple of months, so I did just that Friday in fear of it not turning on one day next semester. Both of those fixes were pretty costly and gave me an irrational hatred for Apple representatives, but I'm sure Apple loves me.
  • I have a digital SLR camera (Nikon 3100), but I want to have a point and shoot as well, so I'm kidnapping Hannah's old one.
  • I want to try my hand in video while I'm there. I contemplated a Flip, but decided it wasn't worth it. I'm going to use my Nikon and either buy or borrow one of Hannah's old lenses. 
Not to mention my trusty iPod and the PicCell I'll be getting in the mail.
Now I just have to make sure I pack chargers for my various gadgets.

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