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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We're getting there

I picked up my passport and insurance card yesterday.
I just ordered a PicCell Wireless phone. JMC suggests it if you want to get a phone over there. My Android won't be accompanying me to Italy. My phone bill, which my kind parents still pay for, is high enough as it is. But I do want to be able to call my roommates when I get lost in Florence, which I undoubtedly will. So PicCell it is.
It's $59 up front for the phone and SIM card. I kept it basic with no insurance or Euro SIM Card. PicCell's website suggest the Euro card to avoid roaming charges, but when I talked to people who used the service before, they said you don't really need it when you travel as long as you stick with your travel buddies.
After the initial price of the phone and the SIM card, PicCell is $0.35/day, which calculates to a very manageable $11/month. PicCell to PicCell calls are free, so I don't see it costing more than that.
I just have to be careful. I'm always leery when I give my credit card number. Those damn hidden fees.
Another friend said he had a $200 phone bill one month, but he had been calling his parents back home. Mumsie and pops, I'll be using Skype.
We'll see how this goes.

Regardless, this trip is feeling more and more real.
Here's an awkward photo of me and my travel companion.

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