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Sunday, January 8, 2012

T-minus 11 hours

I'm pretty sure I will be awake for a while. I am a 5-year-old on Christmas Eve. 
My sister is asleep next to me in the hotel bed we're sharing for the night. My mom is out cold. My dad is turning off lights. And here I sit, wide-eyed and alert, running through list after mental list trying to remember what isn't crammed into one of my two suitcases — both of which weigh in at a nice 49 pounds for the 50 pound limit.
It's futile of course. I spent the entire car ride back to Ohio filtering through the same lists and came up with nothing other than an extra sweater I was going to throw into my carry-on. That's probably for the best as it's already stuffed to it's maximum capacity, and it's not like I could run home to grab it. 

I think I'm surprisingly prepared. I took care of all the big items on my "don't forget this or else" list.
    ☑ Tell bank about my trip and request new debit card (mine expires in April)
    ☑ Store car for winter
    ☑ Deactivate phone (for Verizon users, dial *611. I'll do it in the morning.)
    ☑ Get prescriptions filled for the four months.
      ☑ Get $5,000 in bank account. Yes, thanks to a heap of hours from Subway I made this goal by 66 cents. Plus I already have some cash to start me off for the first week.
    The one thing I didn't get to finish was my mom's slides. I had another carousel I needed to get through but simply ran out of time. She's going to do it within the next couple of weeks to get the rest to me.
    Until then, I have her journal to tide me over. I talked her into letting me take the documentation of her trips to Europe. Hello, airplane reading material. Thanks, mom! It should prove to be interesting.

    It's officially Sunday. Today is it. I'm too excited to even think clearly — a good sign to stop blogging.
    I apologize for how disjointed this post is. It might be a few days before I write again, but I promise you won't want to miss it.
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      Until next time, Ciao!

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