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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Photo A Day

My goal is to shoot as many photos as I can on manual settings during this trip. The ones I choose for this project will be shot manually, and the only photoshop tool to touch them will be crop — if that.

24 Jan. 2012  Viale Abramo Lincoln
In Intercultural Communication this morning, Fabio told us about il Parco delle Cascine, a pretty park on the other side of town. So during my break I decided to find it for myself. After a 40 minute walk, I found grass — a rarity downtown Firenze. I settled into a bench behind the closed carnival rides and read my Kindle for a while. I wasn't that impressed with where I was sitting. It was grass, but nothing that great. Now that I'm googling Cascine more, it turns out I needed to go a block farther to get to the actual park. Next time.

23 Jan. 2012  La Biblioteca
I was bad at this today. I didn't take out my Nikon at all, so no manual settings. But I did take a quick snapshot on my point and shoot while I was reading in the library with Bethany and Amy between classes. It'll do for today.

22 Jan. 2012  View from Piazza Michelangelo
Today was absolutely gorgeous. I hiked up to Piazza Michelangelo with Yelena, Amy, Bethany and their neighbor and his friend. We sat on the stairs, relaxed, listend to live music and watched a puppy excitedly run around. I want this every day.

21 Jan. 2012  Pisa, Italy
We took our first trip outside of Firenze! We all, myself included, got the classic Tower of Pisa picture holding it up, pushing it down, leaning against it or supporting it with our feet. Only in Pisa would this site be explainable.

20 Jan. 2012  Gelateria dei Neri
After a successful shopping trip, Caitlin and I treated ourselves to gelato, proud that our purchases were overwhelmingly gifts. Then I drooled over their sweets display and plotted what to get next time... if I can tear myself from the gelato. I'm glad this is my biggest stressor at the moment. I can handle that.

19 Jan. 2012  Palazzo Vecchio, overlooking Piazza della Signoria
I went on another scavenger hunt to retake my mom's slides. I would have kept walking around, but it was so cold (for Florence, at least) and just a crummy day. It was still nice to walk around on my own for a while after class. Even rain in Firenze couldn't keep me inside all day.

18 Jan. 2012  Apartments facing the Basilica of Santa Croce
After hunting down another one of the subjects of my mother's photos, I sat in the Basilica of Santa Croce reading and watching the people pass. It was perfect. Well almost — I was a little envious of the terrace in the sun.

17 Jan. 2012  
In between classes, Kate came with me as I tried to retake one of my mother's photos inside Santa Croce.  Unfortunately at €5 to get inside, half an hour before class wasn't the time to explore it. Instead I took this on the way back. I think I'll go inside this weekend.

16 Jan. 2012  La Cena
It was the first day of class. I need to start bringing my camera with me I suppose. I didn't bring it out until dinner time when I mixed my own salad dressing (lessons from Bethany) and had a salad and fresh bread. I had planned to try my first new recipe tonight, but didn't have the energy or funds to do so. Sometime this week.

15 Jan. 2012
Amy and I walked to the 99 cent store this evening to get notebooks for class tomorrow. This guy set the soundtrack to our walk. As promised, this isn't edited. I should have adjusted my settings, but after he saw me taking pictures I bolted.

14 Jan. 2012  Via Dell'Anguillara
The weather was perfect today, making an already gorgeous city look even more beautiful. I took this on our way back from orientation before making lunch. La bella citta

13 Jan. 2012  Santa Croce view from my window
This was a long day of orientation and forgetting my camera. So unfortunately all that I have is another photo of Santa Croce. Still incredible.

12 Jan. 2012  Ponte Santa Trinita
After orientation, Caitlin and I got lunch and went shopping. Before we knew it, we were on the other side of town at a bridge our maps didn't reach. We walked back along the whole river. The view was well worth my exhaustion.

11 Jan. 2012  Ponte Vecchio
 Jess, Caitlin and I walked Kate to a friend's apartment and took "short walk" to the Duomo and back. We ended up walking about 2 miles before climbing the stairs and collapsing in our apartment.

10 Jan. 2012  Florence skyline
Caitlin and I were rewarded with this gorgeous view after a trek up several hills. 

 9 Jan. 2012  Basilica of Santa Croce
I just hurriedly took a handful of photos on day one. I wish this wasn't blurry. 

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