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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Photos of the Day

No photo for today. I was too busy trying to catch up on this!

9 April 2012  I want to go on the Carousel!
Saturday night we went out for Jessica's birthday. We were looking through pictures from it this evening, and Kate realized we went on a carousel. Incredibly jealous of our circular adventure on fake horses, she proclaimed she wanted to go. I told her I'd go with. We half ran all the way there and played follow the leader on the way back. I swear we're 20 years old!

8 April 2012  Happy Easter!
Florence knows how to do Easter. Fireworks and all. I got to the Duomo an hour and a half before Easter mass started. It took about 20 minutes to find my dad in the crowd. My mom had wedged her way toward the front. I stood on my tip toes under an umbrella with my dad and watched flags twist and spin in the air above the crowd and fireworks burst into the air. By the time the festivities were over and we found my mom again, we figured we wouldn't get to go into mass. But we spent the rest of the day walking around the rainy city.

7 April 2012  Piazza Signoria
Saturday was my first full day in Florence with my parents! We walked all over the city, ducking into museums, churches and restaurants whenever the rain started.

6 April 2012  Cinque Terre
Friday I brought my parents to Cinque Terre. I was so happy they got to see a different part of Italy: the seaside and the countryside!

5 April 2012  Dinner
My parents came back from Venice to an apartment full of groceries and several of my friends. We left them in the living room and cooked them dinner.

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