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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Diversity Diary #10

Friday the 13th
 I’m not a huge believer in luck. I’m not really much of one at all. I prefer the idea that I make my own path. Consequences come from my own decisions. I’m not going to rely on some distant unattainable magic to get results.
Subsequently, I’m not fazed by superstitions. Bring on the black cats, broken mirrors and ladders. I dry my umbrella open inside, what’s it to you?
Friday the 13th has always seemed ridiculous to me. I forget it’s even an issue until people start blaming everyday mishaps on this black voodoo that clouds the date.
Italy isn’t lacking in this superstition. But it’s not Friday the 13th that gets them in a tizzy — Friday the 17th.  bum bum bummm.
I was in Capri Friday the 13th and heard plenty of my fellow travel companions blaming the unfortunately crappy weather on the date. I asked a shopkeeper her opinion. She just stared at me with a confused look on her face until I remembered that Italy’s unlucky number is 17.
I think it’s funny that each culture has this dark date, but the fact that they’re different numbers here and in the states makes it feel all the more arbitrary.
Still it’s fun to realize/find differences that are actually the same idea, just with a twist.

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