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Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Week in Photos

I have a list of excuses for why I've gotten so behind on this blog, but you deserve none of them.
An intense game of catch-up starts now.

4 April 2012  Red Velvet
Last week in class we were practicing writing recipes in Italian. Caitlin translated a recipe for red velvet cake balls. Nicoletta was completely confused as to how something red could be delicious. This was last Wednesday and a few hours before my parents were getting on a plane to London. I immediately called my mom and told her she must bring two boxes of red velvet cake mix. She obliged and threw in a tub of frosting for a bonus 'cause she's great. We finally made the cake balls last night! Suffice to say Erika and Amy were the two rolling them. Red hands were completely worth it. Nicoletta loved them!

3 April 2012  Duomo
My parents came home from Rome in time to get dinner and walk around the city. I wore them out to make sure they slept soundly before heading to Venice Wednesday morning!

2 April 2012  Just a Monday
With my parents off to Rome for a couple of days, I spent the day preparing for an interview. At 9 p.m. I interviewed for editor of the Stater. I didn't get the position, but I'm OK with that. The new editor is more than qualified and will do a terrific job. I can try again in the spring. For now, I'm applying for managing editor instead. Although I would have liked to be editor in the fall, it's more about helping the Stater progress than a title — and I still have a lot of ideas to contribute from another position.

1 April 2012  Welcome to Italy and April
It was a bittersweet day. Sunday started my last month in Italy, but I got to spend the day introducing my parents to this country. We flew into Pisa early that morning, saw the leaning tower, then took a train to Florence. I lead them around Florence and up to Piazzale Michelangelo, where my mom sat in the same place she did 30 years ago. (Photo to come later)

31 March 2012  Tower Bridge
Day 2 in London was just as perfect, even though the weather wasn't. We saw everything from the London Eye, to Buckingham Palace, to Westminster Abbey, to London Parliament and Big Ben, to the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge.

30 March 2012  Trafalgar Square
My first day in London began here in Trafalgar Square. Not a bad way to start. We spent the rest of the day wandering around and seeing the city from the top of a tour bus. Friday night we went to see The King's Speech

29 March 2012  Hello, 'rents!
My parents came to Europe! I'm so excited for both of them. We spent three nights with my mom's friend, Jay. He went to college with her in Ohio and now lives in London. So there's hope for me to move from the midwest to Europe too!

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